Emmamoon is a New York City-based brand that focuses on stationery and paper goods. The company was founded with the intention of spreading joy to others through the products we create. Our desire to leave the world a brighter and more connected place is at the core of what we do.  

I created Emmamoon because for me it was a must. From an early age I always loved art and the meditative play process involved in creating. I had a story to tell that I needed to share with the world. This spirit of self-discovery — of uncovering and freeing the unique story that lives inside each of us — is at the foundation of Emmamoon, and is why we started the #writemystory call to action. Emmamoon designs products that nurture your journey to write your own story.   

 #Writemystory is knowing that so many of us face the same fears, but it’s nevertheless choosing to look that that fear in the eye and say: “not today fear!” It’s authentically sharing yourself with others. It’s understanding that there’s only one you, and the world desperately wants to hear your voice. It’s recognizing the importance of being proud of who you are, and stepping into your strength. It’s consciously creating your future, living with purpose, and doing what inspires and fuels your soul.  

I appreciate your visit to our site and thank you for your support as I step out on my own journey to spread this message. Emmamoon is one of the ways I #writemystory. Through it I am able to express myself, find peace within myself, have the opportunity to connect with and uplift others, cultivate joy, and spread beauty. Emmamoon encourages us all to #writemystory. Everyone has a unique story to tell — what’s yours?! The world needs you! 

Go get it :)

— Lilian

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Photos: Renegade Craft Fair